God loves you

God loves you. Why then does a man die tragically in an horrific accident leaving behind a wife and two children under 3. She buried him today. On the News I just watched a story about a man who yesterday in the Queensland floods lost his wife and two of his three young children.

Why, I don’t know. I believe God loves us. I would like to know why things happen. The answer that I used to get at Church that “God moves in mysterious ways” is not a answer. Well, it’s not an answer that currently answers my question.


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5 Replies to “God loves you”

  1. The moral of the book of Job is that he never received the answer to the why, but what occurred was He experienced God. I truly believe that the answer to the “why?” wouldn’t change anything, and perhaps make things even worst if we knew why God did things. Furthermore, if we knew why, we’d probably try to rationally compartmentalize things like everything else we do, rather than existentially relying on the Lord in faith to bring healing.

    Grace and peace,

  2. Lamentation is a powerful form of worship; that I look forward to the modern church embracing and being comfortable in the face of hardship and terrible happenings to have no answers and therefore we should not try to answer…

    Rather allow that person… or self to vent and ask away….

  3. Being a person who lives in Brisbane, it breaks my heart to hear about fellow Aussies who lost their lives in the recent flooding.

    Personally, I don’t think there is an answer to ‘why’. In a sinful world which operates according to natural laws, nearly anything can happen.
    We have concurrent realities: the love and grace of God operating in the midst of sin and death.
    Thank God for the resurrection!

    When I have to deal with people who have gone through terrible times, I go to two places: the garden of Gethsemane, and the Gospel.

    In Christ.

  4. Three years ago, I lost a childhood friend to suicide, my mother, my wife to a heart attack at 40, my business, my home and was forced to move out of our nice home in Pennsylvania and into a camper in a foreign (Canada). I was emotionally, physically and financially devastated after my wife’s 8 year terminal illness. Our family(3 girls) lost everything including our dog. We had no money or vehicles to take our possessions with us. Through this dismantling, God taught me more than I can write here. I will say that much of the ‘things’ we are unknowingly bonded with in our souls, when removed, are found to be tragically interfering with spirit-life which IS OUR LIFE(Rom 8:9). We are a spirit dragging a body along. Prior to this I believed I was a body having a spiritual experience. I now also know Christ is deeply in love with mankind and will save them by His grace. He’ll never give up and where sin abounds grace superabounds.


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