God favours Johnny Cash

So says this:

How many people leave this earth knowing that their work here is truly done? That they have given all they can? Johnny Cash did.

God favours Johnny Cash. He gave Johnny his own voice to use on earth. And now, by all accounts, he’s God’s own singer. There’s no cover charge in heaven and the joint he plays is always packed out but, somehow, never fills up. Johnny always knew there was a heaven. … Cash was a terrible pillhead … and once, in 1967, when he was already famous, he … pleaded with God to take him from the absurd, unshakeable pain of his addiction. God told him to snap out of it and sent him back to the light.

In heaven, a soul cannot actually finesse or develop any of its earthly talents. (That’s what life’s for, you see.) And God still wanted to hear a lot more from Johnny Cash. Cash had developed a theme of which God approved. It said that every criminal is forgiven, every slacker understood. Sunday Morning Coming Down, if you have not heard it, describes a situation everyone has seen: Last night’s shabby middle-aged drunk wandering amongst church bells and happy families and wondering why he is so lost.

The new Johnny Cash album, Ain’t No Grave, will be released in February.

The new album contains a song written by Johnny called I Corinthians:15:55. This refers to a short two-line verse from the Bible, which says: “O death, where is thy victory? O death, where is thy sting?” It means this: “You, death, can’t hurt me because I did the best I could.” Life and death are one. This album from the afterworld proves it. The man in black is back or, maybe, he just never left the building.

Full story: Man in black walks a line in God’s country | The Daily Telegraph

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