God bless you, Dorothy King, in which she destroys Little Honey Tee Tee

Look at this comment here:

Look ‘theologyarchaeology’ – or kinship or David Tee or whatever you want to call yourself – you obviously don’t like anything I write, so I don’t know why you bother to waste your time reading it let along adding your stupid little comments.

I’ve deleted your comment because I don’t like hateful comments based on discrimination – oh, and unlike you, most gay people I know can string a sentence together using proper grammar.

Looks like Little Honey Tee Tee is trying to find someone else to let him comment. Poor thing… Looks like he ran smack dab into the wrong person.

Little Honey Tee Tee and Tom Finland, two of the worst trolls in biblioblogging history.

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21 Replies to “God bless you, Dorothy King, in which she destroys Little Honey Tee Tee”

  1. You should be ashamed of yourself. Go read Dr. Tee’s comments over at his website. try to keep an open mind as you read it all.

    1. He doesn’t really have a website… he has a troll cave.

      Honey Tee Tee is not a doctor, but an anti-intellectual idiot who thinks digging in the backyard is archaeology.

    1. I’ve removed the link to the pornography site you posted. I do not allow filth to be linked to on my site.

      Honey Tee Tee is a crack pot and a vulgar little imp of a man.

    1. No, my words are words of reality.

      First, it is clear he is a liar about his “doctorate” and I would suspect education in general. Second, he knows nothing of Scripture, but professes to be a great teacher, even acting in the name of God to condemn nearly everyone else. Third, he defends sexual predators, among other things.

  2. Where is your evidence? I am not going to continue this conversation for too much longer but I think you hate him because he is right and you are not.

  3. This is going nowhere. If you can’t state the reasons why then you have no case and no reason to despise him. You have to prove he is wrong and so far you haven’t done that.

    1. He’s wrong on Scripture – no such thing as inerrancy. he’s wrong on Young Earth Creationism. He’s wrong on this idea of “theological archaeology” which is circular logic. Shall I go on?

  4. Read it again. I said you do not believe in very good or capable God. I didn’t say you didn’t believe in something. Your God makes mistakes, lies which makes him human and your God is over-ruled by science which makes him non-all powerful. That doesn’t sound like God or a god to me.

    1. that’s because you are an idiot.

      What you’ve done is to destroy Scripture, put your tiny god in a box, make him little more than a Loki (trickster), and a criminal. Not to mention a liar.

      Shame on you.

  5. Such an abusive and unwarranted response. Making God sinless and all powerful is not putting Him in a box or making him a trickster. It is acknowledging who he is and where we fit in the scheme of things. You want a god of your own creation one that you get to make alterations to fit your ever changing ideas. That is not a God but a doll.

    1. So, I made God sinful? That’s a bit of a leap.

      All powerful? yeah, pretty sure I never denied that. Pretty sure that since you require God to break laws and only perform how you will allow him, he is your creation — one of weakness, of poor quality, of lying, of the trickster.

      What a small god and a small Christianity you. I pity you.

  6. God didn’t break laws, he created them to govern the universe and he is not performing only how I want him to, he performed as he said he did.

    Well I can see that nothing will be gained by continuing to converse with you. I will finsih up in the other section then move on.

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