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This is the first post in a set of three on David Lamb’s God Behaving Badly from IVP-Academic. Thanks to IVP-Academic for sending along a review copy.  Here I will introduce the author; in the following two posts, I will overview the contents and give my personal reaction.

I will admit up front that I am not familiar with David Lamb’s other work, but the title of this book was catchy enough to grab my attention in the IVP catalogue. This seems to fit into a stream of recent books addressing the character of God in the Old Testament. This issue has become pressing as a result of the readings of the Old Testament prevalent in the popular writings of the new atheists. With that said, I will need to work from the back cover description on this one and point toward a couple of other sites to introduce the author.  The back cover reads as follows:

David T. Lamb (D. Phil, Oxford) is associate professor of Old Testament at Biblical Theological Seminary in Hatfield, Pennsylvania. He previously worked in campus ministry with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and has taught extensively in various crosscultural contexts. He is author of Jehu and His Evil Heirs (Oxford).

From Lamb’s faculty appointment, I imagine that this book will represent a moderate to conservative evangelical perspective on the issue of God’s character in the Old Testament. You can find the theological convictions of the seminary where Lamb teaches: here. I assume that these views are at least representative of Lamb’s own convictions and that these convictions will provide boundaries within which he will work. For a more detailed look at Lamb’s academic credentials, I checked out his faculty page through Biblical Theological Seminary.  There he lists his degrees:

Doctor of Philosophy, Theology (Old Testament) University of Oxford
Master of Philosophy, Theology (Old Testament) University of Oxford
Master of Divinity, Fuller Theological Seminary
Master of Science, Industrial Engineering, Stanford University
Bachelor of Arts, Economics, Stanford University

I’m sure there is an interesting story in there somewhere: economics – industrial engineering – MDiv … At any rate, Lamb seems well qualified to deal with the general topic at hand, holding graduate degrees in theology with a specialization in Old Testament from well respected universities in both the US and UK. From his CV, Lamb has also published a book through Oxford, an article in Vetus Testamentum, and a number of articles for several Bible dictionaries.

Finally, I am also glad to point out that Lamb is a blogger and has a page devoted to God Behaving Badly. So, if you would like to learn more about him and interact personally with the author, I’d recommend you check out http://davidtlamb.com/.

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