Go F yourself, #NSA

By ‘F’, I mean FOIA, as in Freedom of Information Act. I just sent my in. Find the information here.

Authority for collecting information is contained in 5 U.S.C. 552, 18 U.S.C. § 1030, 50 U.S.C. § 402 note, Executive Orders 9397, 10450, 12333, 13292, and DoD Directive 5240.1. NSA’s Blanket Routine Uses found at 58 Fed. Reg. 10,531 (1993) as well as the specific uses found in GNSA03, GNSA10, and GNSA15 apply to this information. The information collected via the NSA.gov web site is used to: 1) process employment applications from individuals who choose to submit their resumes through the NSA on-line resume process; 2) collect statistical data as to what information is of interest to the public; 3) provide information in response to requests for information; 4) assist the NSA in fulfillment of its foreign intelligence and information assurance mission.

A proper Privacy Act Request is one in which the individual seeks records on himself that are contained in a file retrievable by the individual’s name or personal identifier. All Privacy Act Requests, to include amendment requests, must be submitted in writing, contain as much detail as possible to identify the information requested or amended, and contain the requester’s signature (a digital signature is required for all on-line submissions).

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3 Replies to “Go F yourself, #NSA”

  1. And here I thought you are submitting your résumé to work for NSA. “process employment applications”… Who wouldn’t? $122K per year, job in Hawaii. Required to sit in a non-descript, air conditioned office, with no sign on the front door, tickling other people’s info all day via a nice, state-of-the-art computer. Playing with computer software that no one else in the world has access to. Required experience, high school GED, no degree necessary. Fringe benefits, long lunch hours (who’s going to check on you…, no one.)
    Where do I sign up?

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