Get your (Theological) Languages Here

What? Are you sure you are seeing this over and over again? Well, I thought that I might post this every day for a week.

I had the distinct and gratifying pleasure to have lunch with Michael Halcomb at last years SBL in New Orleans. Michael immediately strikes you as someone with a passion for the things of God. Have you checked out his website? But, like usual, there is a problem.

Not only does he have his blog, he has spent a lot of time and effort in creating and maintaining three other websites. Greek, Aramaic and Theological German.

I am trying to (re)learn Greek from scratch and Michael’s site has helped immensely.

And for the brave, there is Aramaic.

And those who hate beautiful language, there is theological German.

On each site is a variety of tools such as diagrams, podcasts, songs and even flashcards.


So, if you get a chance, visit him.

By way, please pass this along, as these sites are really helpful and should be utilized by more people.

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