George Whitefield on the Christian Nation of Great Britain

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I am reading some of Whitefield’s sermons, and I found this one – maybe it is unfair to use this one first – but it stood out to me because of the use of such imagery which is prevalent today. We aren’t the pioneers of such language:

To run through all the particulars of the psalm, or draw a parallel (which might with great ease and justice be done) between God’s dealings with us and the Israelites of old; To enumerate all the national mercies bestowed upon, and remarkable deliverances wrought out for the kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland, from the infant state of William the Norman to their present manhood, and more than Augustan ____ , under the auspicious reign of our rightful Sovereign King George the second; howsoever pleasing and profitable it might be at any other time, would, at this juncture, prove, if not an irksome, yet an unreasonable undertaking.

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