General Wesley Clark (D) – Conspiracy Theorist (#syria)


Can you believe what he says? It is about oil. We have no real foreign policy. We just like to fight. Africa is useless because it has no oil.

This guy – a former U.S. Army General and major Democratic contender for President – is nuts. We haven’t gone to war in Syria, nor have we tried to find a reason to attack Iran.

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6 Replies to “General Wesley Clark (D) – Conspiracy Theorist (#syria)”

  1. Valedictorian at West Point. Rhodes Scholar. Supreme Commander of NATO.

    Nuts? It doesn’t seem likely to me.

    He’s describing a conversation he had with someone at the Pentagon in 2001. It’s discussed in a book he published 10 years ago.

  2. I was looking into some of your articles on Syria, hoping to gain some perspective, and of course analyze your perspective. The source you offered, philosopher’s stone, cited an excerpt from a not so reliable source, Dave Hodges, who seems to be a complete quack.

  3. Why do you resort to an ad hominem remark? Why supress the viewpoint you feel uncomfortable with? I do hope your comments are sarcastic.

    Is it so unbelievable to think that Western powers, namely the US, would do such a thing?
    Do some unbiased research and you will find the chemical weapons in Syria are equivalent to the WMD of Iraq. I do not support the Al-Assad government, but a military strike will be supporting the islamist opposition which has strong ties with Al-Qaeda.

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