From Islam to Christianity

Bro. Lanis has brought these video’s to my attention, and they are worth discussing. I have watched them and will most likely watch them again for points of discussion. At the beginning of the first video he is continuing a discussion about Moses the Black, which I would like to have heard. It seems to me that he uses the word ‘Trinity’ while ascribing a tight formulation to it, almost an Ignatian Economy to it.

Note his textual tradition in this answer (Compare the KJV/NKJV and the NASB/NIV)

Here is the website for Father Zakaria. And another website.

I am interesting in finding out what branch of Orthodoxy he ascribs to.

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11 Replies to “From Islam to Christianity”

  1. I was about to do a post on him, but you beat me to it. He’s Coptic Orthodox. Which is the branch of Orthodox that’s around Egypt. I was looking through his information on how he describes trinity and it’s very facinating. I’m trying to read more of his stuff as time allows and when my poor brain isn’t burnt out.

    I believe he’s in hiding because an Islamic group has put a reward out for his termination.

  2. Bryon, I look forward to your post. I saw some rather negative videos about him on youtube, some calling him an agent of the Israeli spy service, and that was some of the most pleasant words said about it.

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