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For thousands of people who convert to Judaism, Christmas is a difficult day of balancing what was once intimately theirs but now represents, in some ways, the essence of what they are giving up. The holiday brings up questions that often have less to do with theology than with culture and custom. Siblings wonder: Can we still give you gifts? Parents ask: Can I still fill your stocking? If the answers are no, does that signal something akin to betrayal?

Converts to Judaism Describe Their Feelings on Christmas –


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        1. First, I wouldn’t want to spread your word. Second, there is a conversation going on about atheism and religion on this very blog.

  1. I am a former devoted Pentecostal whom all of my six years as a Christian (the last year as a Christian I was a “Messianic”) desired to serve the Creator. 2,5 years ago I found the website of .

    In that website I found a logical analysis of the earliest manusscripts (including the logical implications of the research by Ben-Gurion Univ. Prof. of Linguistics Elisha Qimron of Dead Sea Scroll 4Q MMT)) of “the gospel of Matthew”, implies that Ribi Yehoshua was a Perushi (Pharisee). And also research that proves his followers Netzarim kept and lived Torah all of their lives.

    That made me immediately to switch to the religion of Ribi Yehoshua – Judaism – and I have not regretted that a second! Since I found that website I have learned more and more about Torah and I do my sincerest to keep the mitzwot (commandments) in Torah.

    This xmas was the third xmas that I didn’t celebrate. My mother thinks it is sad. She has said many times: “maybe you will change your mind in some years”. I won’t. My father respects my decision.

    I follow the Torah that Ribi Yehoshua ha-Mashiakh (the Messiah) followed and I will never stop doing that! The Torah that Ribi Yehoshua followed clearly forbids celebration of religious holidays other than Jewish holidays.

    Anders Branderud

    1. ‘Immediately’? That leads me to believe that your ‘faith’ was not so well founded, as your exegesis shows severe lacking in Christ and His Apostles.

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