From Congregation to Cult

Ex-Hosanna pastor: Confession forced.

I realize that this might get some more dirty comments thrown my way, but I feel that it is important to note just how this cult started. I am not going to post the entire article, that is for you to read if you want.

Lois Mowbray, the so-called prophet, took control of the church and began to control his wife and the remaining handful of congregants by 2003, Lamonica testified.

For a while, Lamonica said, he had to wear a dress and two rubber snakes representing his mother and aunt because they were “pharaohs,” Lamonica testified. Church members once shaved his head and called him “pharaoh” as well, he said.

“She convinced herself she was like Moses and Tangipahoa was coming out of Egypt,” Lamonica said, referring to the biblical story of Moses leading the Jews people out of slavery in Egypt. “Pharaoh was blocking the way.”

“People would go up, start kneeling at the front praying,” Bushey, 24, of Tickfaw, testified. “The worship team would crowd around them and pray over them. This would make them start to throw up.”Toward the end of the church’s existence, strangers seeking to drop in on services were turned away at the doors, the women said. In fact, they, too, had no contact with others outside the church.

The elder son also said on the witness stand that he was taught at church that sinful thoughts are the same as doing the acts. Therefore, he was told that if he thought it, he should write it down because it probably happened.

“At my church, I was taught that if you thought about it, it carried on into the physical (world),” the elder son said.

“If I thought about killing someone, then there would be a dead body?” Wall asked.

“It can, but it doesn’t always happen like that,” the young man replied.

Lamonica’s attorney, Michael Thiel, has maintained that his client falsely confessed to child rape because he was being controlled by a woman claiming to have prophetic visions. The state’s case, presented by Assistant District Attorney Don Wall, includes accusations that children were molested as part of satanic cult rituals.

Once Lois Mowbray became Hosanna’s associate pastor, sermons ended and Sunday worship services varied from praising God for many hours to altar calls where Mowbray claimed God had told her of a sin that a congregant had to confess publicly, Bushey and Louque said.

This pastor essentially moved in, brought this person with ‘prophetic visions’ and allowed no one to challanged him. No one could ‘judge’ him. His threw out the Bible and began nothing but ‘praise and worship’.

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