Friday’s Question of the Day: Which Bible Do You Use

The most…. Which one is your favorite? Why?

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54 Replies to “Friday’s Question of the Day: Which Bible Do You Use”

  1. Once the ESV came out, I did my best to try to use it as my main Bible. However, I find that for serious study, I still greatly prefer the NASB. So I use both and often consult others but if I was forced to use one translation only, it would be the NASB.

  2. Two reasons I like the ESV:

    1. One among several good “word for word” translations.

    2. Thanks to Leland Ryken, ESV retains the old rhythm and meter of Tydale, making it good for memorization and corporate worship.

  3. As a Catholic I would have heard the Jerusalem Bible being read during Mass. But didn’t actually know the readings were from the Jerusalem Bible … until last year.

  4. The King James only: I cannot bring myself to read anything else.I did buy a copy of the ESV this year,however,it sits on the shelf with the rest of the modern English translations that i own…
    I am interested in the Unvarnished New Testament and the NLT somewhat… I read a few pages of the UNT on Google…

  5. Joel,
    I waited on this one…I read my Greek NT daily (as a good Anglican One of the old requirements!). But as to translation, two for me…The NAS Update, & the ESV. But I like the NIV Study Bible very much also (especially the OT).
    Fr. R.

  6. Mostly NIV, but I’m starting to be swayed by the NLT.
    I have an NIV, though, that is conveniently pocket-sized. Until I get another NLT that is anything like that, it won’t get past the 50-50 point.

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