Friday’s Question of the Day: What was your KJVO Belief?

In light of the recent announcement of the book burning by a North Carolina pastor, today’s question relates to strongly held beliefs.

I once was a KJVO believer myself, and advocated such things. Upon examination of evidences, I gave that doctrine up.

Have you ever held a belief strongly, radical or otherwise, but found it proven wrong, and given it up? What was it? What made you give it up?

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8 Replies to “Friday’s Question of the Day: What was your KJVO Belief?”

  1. My grandfather never ate the Australian sandwich spread Marmite, nor the breakfast cereal Weet-Bix, because they are made by Sanitarium which is owned by the Australian Seventh-day Adventist Church. My parents had the same beliefs as my grandfather, as do my brother and sisters. They had/have some severe Catholic dislike for the SDA. I imagined I would go to Hell if I ate Marmite and Weet-Bix. I still haven’t eaten them but now know I won’t go to Hell if I do. Jesus said we can eat whatever we want to. And I am going to try the UK original version of Marmite that is made by Unilever. Not actually going to go to the SDA church though …

  2. I was raised “Baptist” but no longer believe in Denominations… I no longer believe in Pre-tribulation Rapture, I don’t believe “Once saved always saved..I don’t believe all Christian music is devoted to worshiping God ,but worship of self..I no longer believe that if you say a little prayer to ask Jesus into your heart that you are saved right then and there and don’t have to do anything else.No matter what you do in your life,that if you live your life for the world,and sin every day and not repent,but right before you die,you remember once you “were saved” and that will get you into Heaven is right.. I believe you have to repent before you get saved and have to repent every day of your life and mean it…You need to live it everyday,not just on Sunday and Wed.. everyday… and one thing, else,it is not what the Father can do for you, like riches or fame but what you can do for him ,like dying to self… taking up the cross and following him….

  3. To be honest, I used to be a Baptist-is-the-only-way Onlyist, with a few exceptions with in the charismatic movement, Methodists, Presbyterians, and other mainline protestantism. I thought that all Roman Catholics were apostates because of my education (in public schools) and did not know a single thing about Eastern Orthodoxy. That was until I read Augustine’s Confessions my sophomore year, and I began to open up, and see the world in a different light.

  4. Well, I used to be a Republican. Does that count?

    I was probably pretty Pharisaical about the fourth year after I was saved, for at least a couple years in there. A sort of hyper-Calvinism led me to think that how we deliver Scripture didn’t matter, since Salvation was all the work of the Spirit. I’m not sure that I would have admitted that, but I more or less acted like it. I was certainly enough of a jerk …

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