Friday’s Question of the Day: What Makes Someone a Heretic?

It’s not so much tossed around as it once were, but tell me, what makes someone a heretic of the faith?

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24 Replies to “Friday’s Question of the Day: What Makes Someone a Heretic?”

    1. NT, I haven’t seen too many people actually support abortion. Those who do are generally mother earth types. Being pro-choice, however, is still not really an issue of orthodoxy.

      1. I agree, being prochoice is not a measure of orthodoxy.

        But the thought came to me: one can compare being pro-choice concerning abortion to being pro-choice concerning slavery. If one could say it is not OK to allow others the right to own others, why is it OK to allow people the choice of killing an unborn child?

        Many say they would never abort a child, but see it as a choice best left to the individual. If that is the case, then why should people not be allowed to own other people, as an individual choice even if they personally are against it?

        I think no one should allow either practice, nor believe its a choice best left to the individual. I am against both practices, and will vote against those who advocate allowing either, although I have other things I use as criteria for that as well.

        1. Then, indeed, our Founders were not Christian.

          Pro-choice is not a matter of orthodoxy. It is a matter of sin. If we allow views of sin to be included into the doctrinal system, then to the people who practice holiness everyone else is a heretic.

          There is a difference between sin and heresy – although heresy is always sin, sin is not always heresy.

          1. Joel,

            Uh… You misunderrstood. I said being pro choice is NOT a measure of orthodoxy, meaning ione’s position on the matter can not be used to determine wherher one is a heretic or not. I was agreeing with you.

          2. Again, because I don’t think sarcastic humor carries well, I see what you are saying. I misinterpreted the ‘but’ part. My fault. I recant.

  1. Joel,
    The above comment is a worrisome sort. It is very near to heresy to be a single issue Christian, unless that single issue is the glory of God as revealed in Christ Jesus.
    Heresy is that which departs from orthodox faith concerning the nature of God, the nature of man, and the nature of soteriology.

    1. And I would appreciate it if you didn’t tell me wife or anyone else about this one. I have a reputation to maintain.

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