Friday's Question of the Day: What is Your Earliest Religious Memory

I can remember when I was about 4 or 5 years old, getting off the bus from Vacation Bible School. In those days, they actually had buses as big as the school buses which would pick the kids up. For some reason, I went to a church – couldn’t find it now – miles away from my home.

One day – I guess it was one day, because that was the only day that I remember, the bus driver gave me what amounted to my first bible – a little red Master’s Outline New Testament as I was getting off the bus. I don’t know why, really – I remember that my sister didn’t get one, nor did I see him giving one to anyone else. But I had one – and I had it for a while. I moved a lot when I was younger, and it got lost along the way – but I still remember the old fellow who gave it to me. He had to be 70 then, so he is long gone, but I remember him and the kindness. Now, I remember it a bit differently because now I know what it is to give a bible away.

A few years ago, I was visiting a pastor in Seth, WV. His church had a bookstore in it and I found the same two read New Testaments which I had been given. So, I bought both – for my children.

But that is my earliest religious, faith, spiritual memory.

What’s yours?

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6 Replies to “Friday's Question of the Day: What is Your Earliest Religious Memory”

  1. Mine would be, as a little Roman Catholic Irish boy (5 years old?) in Dublin-Carlow… first seeing the large crucifix of Christ above the altar. It brought me to great awe and wonder!  Who was this man that was in such pain & suffering?  I asked my priest Fr. Sweeny, and he told me that it was God come in human flesh to die for my sins!  My first gospel message. 
    Fr. R.

  2. I used to go to a Baptist church up the road from where I lived, I walked there, one Sunday, I was sitting pretty close to the back, and a older lady came and got me by the hand and led me to the front and said I needed to be saved. they told me I was saved,saved from what I did not know. I did not feel any different,I went home and told my Mother <I got saved today, She asked me who told me that, and I told her and she said “I thought so…and that was that….. She wasn’t very happy…I don’t believe anyone should do that to a child….seems lots of children ,I mean very small children are getting “saved”. and baptized..when they don’t know what it really means… I head a Preacher say that most parents do this so they won’t have to worry about their children , they know their saved and will go to Heaven no matter what they do in their lives.. too bad they are wrong…

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