Friday’s Question of the Day: Most Important Biblical Doctrine

Since the previous question of the day went so well, I thought that I might do it again:

So, here’s the question – of all the biblical doctrines, which one, to you, is the most important – the central doctrine to ALL of Scripture?

And….why to the exclusion of the others?

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41 Replies to “Friday’s Question of the Day: Most Important Biblical Doctrine”

  1. I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of these questions, for the simple reason that I think that there are too many important things for there to be one favorite among them.
    However, were I to pick one, I suppose it would be either the resurrection from the dead (based on the fact that that’s the whole point of faith, and Paul said that if not for that, our faith is pointless) or salvation by grace alone, not works. That takes away most of the stuff that threatens to pervert our faith into something else, like politics.
    Or, you know, it could be devotion to the one-true-chosen-nation of God, the good old U S of A. (So says the APB.)

  2. I have always considered the Resurrection the most important. It was rising from the dead after 3 days that was the reason Jesus came to earth (mostly). Easter Sunday is the highlight of the Catholic year (not Good Friday or Christmas as some Catholics seem to think).

  3. I am with Wickle.  The bodily resurrection is the most important doctrine.  It is the center of our faith, our hope and evidence of God’s love for us.  But that is just from a theology of hope perspective. 🙂

  4. Then again Polycarp-the biblical doctrine of the virgin birth of Jesus-is the most important teaching of scripture in soul winning… It explains how Jesus is Holy and separate from sinners and so he is able to save all sinners…
    Having one nature.The one and the same nature as God his Father-he is indeed sinless…The fullness of the God-hood dwells not in any man-save Jesus.The Jews understood perfectly well what he was saying here (John 5:17,18)
    What is also understood-is that our (mankind) nature/character comes from our first father Adam… What is not understood-is how two or perhaps three can be called  ” I AM ”

  5. The deity of  Christ-Phillipians 2:4-10… No one denies that he is God manifested in the flesh…
    How say some that 2:6 means that he emptied (kenosis) himself of his deity? Did not the fullness of the God-hood dwell him bodily-Colossians 2:9
    Didn’t he only lay aside the glory that he had with the father before the foundation of the world? John 17:5
    I am remembering something taught in church-that i once to believed.That Jesus has two natures.How can he have two natures since he was not semenally a seed of Adam-though he is the son of  Mary?
    Should i move the questions to the discussion page?

  6. Joel,
    For me it would be the Incarnation!  This takes us to everything else…Gethsemane, Calvary, Resurrection and so important Ascension!  We must not think that Christ has come, died and then risen back into the inaccessible abode of deity. No HE has suffered, died, risen and ascended to the place of the Father’s throne. There forever in eternity to display the love, grace and mercy of God!  There is no reversal or undoing of the Incarnation…The God-Man forever!
    “He being one Son, dual in nature, not dual in person. Wherefore, we do confess, preaching the truth that Christ our God is perfect God and perfect Man.” ~ Troparion of the Resurrection (Orthodoxy)
     “For such a High Priest was fitting for us, which is holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners, and has become higher than the heavens.”  + Hebrews 7:26

    Fr. Robert

  7. The Incarnation of Christ dovetails into the Triune nature and reality of God also!  He is forever “the image of the invisible God”!  (Col.1:15) Christ is the Archetype of God. (Heb.1:3 / Eph.2:18) And here the Spirit “shall bear witness” and testify forever! (St. John 15:26) And to and in us also…St. John 14:16-17 / 2 Cor. 3:18.  
    Fr. R.

  8. And here is that common ground!
    Unity of the faith does not mean uniformity… (paraphrasing,adding to- Ravi Zachararias )
    God was manifested and came in the flesh! 1 Timothy 3:16 -1 John 4:1-3 and that’s that!

  9. As I have maintained, the very nature of God is both transcendent and immanent. Both the “essential” or ontological and “immanent” Trinity. Thus the “economic” working of God triune must come out of this mystery. And here the Incarnation is forever real and lasting!  To use Augustine, we see this eternal love in the Father’s love for the Son, and the Son’s love for the Father; and the bond or “person” of this love is the Holy Spirit!  In Hebrews 9:14, we can see this triune redemptive love out-working on the Cross. Itself the heart & mind of eternal love!  (1 John 4:9-10)
    Fr. R.

  10. I am not speaking of abandonment eternally, this all men or persons choose themselves (as CS Lewis says also). But of the unity of the Apostolic Church and its doctrine. It is for all, to all…Eph.4:3-6. But as verse seven: “But unto everyone of us is given grace “according” to the measure of the gift of Christ.” The indwelling of God in the members of the Body, by pneuma theou!
    Fr. R.

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