Friday’s Question of the Day: How do you know Esther belongs in the Canon?

“How do you know that the Book of Esther is the inspired Word of God and belongs in the canon of Scripture?” (HT)

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4 Replies to “Friday’s Question of the Day: How do you know Esther belongs in the Canon?”

  1. I checked out the link. I am Catholic, but I think that the person who asks this question and others like it has not really thought very deeply about the issues. In my opinion, this is what tends to happen often times in traditional apologetics. His response would be that we know because of the authority of the Church. That draws out the question: how do we know that Church has authority … Well, we either have to say that the Church attests to its own divine origin (just like Calvin said about scripture) or we have to say that we learn about the authority of the Church from scripture, which would be circular. The same goes for the authority of Tradition. How do we learn about the authority of Tradition? From the Church and the Bible. What is one of the ways we learn about the authority of the Church and the Bible? Tradition. Being Catholic doesn’t help one escape from circular reasoning or from having to say that something attests to its own authority. Everyone’s reasoning is circular at some point. Catholicism just expands the circle a little bit to include the Church and Tradition.

    I am Catholic for a variety of reasons. I do believe the Church as well as scripture have authority, though oftentimes I struggle with just how to understand that. But, I don’t think trying to ask questions that the “other side” cannot answer is the way forward in terms of past divisions. I think there are plenty of questions the Catholic Church has not worked out ideal answers to either.

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