Friday Confessions

I never liked coffee growing up. As a matter of fact, I don’t like coffee now, but my body has gotten used to it. I drink about four cups every morning before work. Why did I start to drink coffee?

It is actually a but of a cultic ritual for me. Growing up, everyone drank coffee, even before bedtime. They drank Community Coffee. Being so far removed from Louisiana, by choice, I began to drank Community Coffee as a way to feel connected to my childhood and to my home state. Lo, beside the rivers of folgers we sat and wept. West Virginians rejoiced over their coffee. If I ever forget good coffee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth and my head explode for lack of caffeine.

I cheat on my wife on a regular basis.

I wish I could quit my job and sit under an oak tree to ponder the shape, nature, and existence of the universe.

Music is about the only thing that can make me cry. I love Evita because of the emotions of the song. I enjoy Sarah Brightman. I love The Planets. But music is about the only thing that makes me emotional.

I don’t cheat on my wife, but I wanted to see if she was reading this. She reads tons of other blogs, but not mine. So, I should have received a call by now.

There are some people that you meet that you know were born too late. For instance, one person… I met this one person that has such a sense of the Spirit around them… that if they were born in the 13th or 15th centuries, they would have been a great mystic and we would never have known of John of the Cross. Homeboy or not.

I like Jim West, I cannot lie. Jim is honest, but he is compassionate. Jim is Jim. If you don’t know how to take him, join the rest of us. But, Jim is Jim.

I don’t like politics. No, I don’t. Hate it. But I keep getting drawn in because I love politics. I don’t know how to fix that.

Allan Bevere is pretty awesome. When I’m in Ohio again, I want to break bread with him and talk for hours about the role of the Christian in the American political system.

Henry Neufeld is an unsung hero for many of us. Thanks for giving us shots.

I love my Church. I don’t know how to take everything or everyone, but I love.

My Sunday School class will find themselves with a book dedicated to them. Why? Because their acceptance has meant the world to me – more than I can share. Sure, my counselor knows, but they don’t. I don’t intend to tell them either. That’d be weird.

I am still seeing a counselor. The “break-up” with the abusive god has been hard. This really goes into the idea of free-will. We really don’t have it. Every choice is the product of the previous decision so that we have only a few lines to follow in life. Break those lines and it hurts. Bad. Some days, fewer and fewer, I am so unsure of myself…

When Charlie died, I was tore up. Didn’t expect that.

I want to believe that there is good in every person, but Fox News keeps me real. I mean, Rupert and the other shot callers are still God’s creation… I’ll leave it at that.

I thank God for my readers and those I’ve come in contact with because of blogging.

Okay, that’s enough.

Oh, and I like theological pillowtalk…

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6 Replies to “Friday Confessions”

      1. I will – and Jim as well. He likes it. This particular flavour is made in New Zealand. I actually order it from the UK and import it!!! And because we’re so cheap in NZ, it still works out cheaper for 50 boxes including postage than buy the insipid expensive variety of liquorice tea here which is too weak and has cinnamon yuck, and no aniseed or spearmint with the liquorice. It’s delicious. Redseal Blackadder Liquorice Zinger. YUM. Having it now. I’ll bring you a box.

        Did you read the links? They’re short and I’d love to know what you think. I can relate to this sort of ‘metaphorical theology’ of the NZ liberal Anglican church.

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