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Greetings, The Church of Jesus Christ readers.  Let me first say thank you to Polycarp for inviting me to do a guest post about my website here on his blog.  One thing that you will learn about me very quickly if you check out my blog is that I try to write short posts.  So, here goes…

My name is Jeremy Thompson.  I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Biblical Languages; I have an MA in Old Testament and Hebrew; And, I have taught graduate level courses in Old Testament.  I started back in September 2008 because I was doing a lot of commuting for some adjunct teaching.  I am not crazy about the radio, but I like audiobooks and lectures.  So, I set out to find some listening materials that would keep me mentally active and growing in my area of teaching and study during the time that I was spending on the road.  I quickly came to realize that there is a lot of great audio and video content on the internet related to the Old Testament, but it is often scattered and difficult to find. (If you think I am kidding, just search “Old Testament” on YouTube and see what kind of quacks turn up).  I decided to start a site that would try to bring many of these resources together in one place.  In my experience, there are sites that do this for written materials (e.g. Ralph Klein’s very helpful Old Testament site), but not audio and video.

From the point at which I started, the site has grown quite a bit.  I try to limit to resources that are “free,” “related to the Old Testament,” and “audio and video,” but I have added some other links that I think worthy.  On the site are links to free audio Bibles, free Biblical Hebrew resources, free Old Testament courses and more.  My crowning jewel (in my opinion) in terms of putting together free Old Testament resources is the PDF document that I developed for those who subscribe to my e-mail list.  The document is called Study the OT for Free.  In it I describe how a person could study the Old Testament as if getting a university degree using only free resources from the internet.  Included are links to a free Old Testament course from Yale University, a course on the Dead Sea Scrolls, a course on Hermeneutics, along with a number of others.  If you would like to get that document, be sure to subscribe to my e-mail list, even if only to unsubscribe immediately after.  No hard feelings.

With all of that said, I am now exceeding my attention span for blogging.  If my site sounds interesting to you, I think the best thing to do would be to check out it out for yourself.  Please feel free to contact me through the site with any feedback.  Thanks again.  And, all the best to you.

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6 Replies to “Free Old Testament Audio”

  1. Jeremy Thompson! How are things? Funny to run into you on here. In case you’re wondering, this is Jason Gardner from NOBTS. We had a number of language classes together. Anyway, hope all is well!

  2. Hey Jason,
    Things are going pretty well for me currently.  I’m actually subscribed to your RSS feed and have been wanting to interact over there being that we are former classmates, but it looks like you’ve been dealing with some sickness.  And, all of that Greek in your title throws me off a bit.  Anyway, I’ll be “seeing” you a bit over at your blog now that you’re “back in the saddle.”

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