Fortress Press Studies in Mark (6 vols.) @Logos

Fortress Press Studies in Mark presents six volumes of fresh, scholarly insights into the Second Gospel. The collection analyzes oral tradition and the social history surrounding Christianity’s origins. It imagines Mark’s story as a performance—the author as composer, narrator as performer, audience as gathered community. It provides an interpretive retelling of the Markan version of Christ’s life and parallels Mark’s Gospel to the Parable of the Sower—a call to nonbelievers to have faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The collection concludes with an examination, questioning, and reinterpretation of Markan Christological research.

via Fortress Press Studies in Mark (6 vols.) – Logos Bible Software.

This is… interesting… A lot of good stuff there, to be sure. I have several of them already, either hardcopy or kindle, so trust me, good stuff.

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