Forming some of my theological beliefs

From an assignment I did …

How some of my beliefs are formed.
Revelation – For years I had been searching for the answer to my problems, asking God for help in the midst of sin and questioning if He really existed. Three years ago I found the answer I needed in a revelation from Jesus; say sorry for my sins, ask for forgiveness, repent for my sins, and truly believe in Him. I did, and my eyes were opened, and most of my former Catholic beliefs were untruths I no longer accepted as fact.

Bible study group – My group has a range of Christian experience from 3 years to 60 years. Drawing on the knowledge of the people who are further along in their Christian walk allows me to fill in some of the gaps in my understanding and beliefs, and realise that some of the assumptions I had about God are maybe not correct.

Catholic Church – I was baptised and raised as a Catholic and went to Catholic schools. As a child, going to Church on a Sunday was an important commemoration of God, and receiving Communion made me feel closer to God; the Christian community sharing the Lord’s Supper. My belief in Communion is still slightly more Catholic than Protestant and I see my receiving Communion as God continuing to heal my soul.

Study Bible – When I read my study Bibles I can often get new meaning from a passage that I have heard or read many times before. My beliefs can be tweaked, if what Jesus through the Holy Spirit is telling me through my reading varies with what I may have held as true.

What happened when the Holy Spirit was missing in my life, when I was a child – My first Christian beliefs were based entirely on what I had heard at Mass and in Religion class at Catholic schools. There was an absence of the Holy Spirit, especially at primary school with Jesus, Mary and Joseph replacing the Trinity, and only a narrow selection of the Bible was read and discussed. This gave me a distorted belief of sin, works, faith, salvation, and who exactly you are supposed to pray to and through. This is what can happen when the Spirit and most of the Bible is missing.

Some of my weaknesses and strenghs. Some weaknesses are, Learning to trust God. I have complete faith in God, but sometimes doubt enters my head and my trust in Him can weaken. Will I really be okay? I have to not let those doubts get tome as it can lead to depression.
Listening to the Holy Spirit. I don’t always hear what God wants me to do, have trouble discerning if God is speaking to me, and don’t always let God guide me. Last week God spoke to me as I was about to do something wrong. The Holy Spirit was all over me and I knew that God was telling me not to do what I was about to do – I stopped and didn’t do it. In the past I have I have ignored subtle signs. I need to listen to Him and ask for guidance more often.

Some strengths are, Long-term provision. Three years ago I was homeless and had no money for four months. During that time I made an effort to find God, and I believe He rewarded me for that search for His Love. God has provided me with an income and I know He will not let me be homeless again. I have absolute faith that He will provide for me.
Assurance of salvation. Having accepted Jesus into my life, and saying sorry and repenting for my sins, I know that by His grace I am saved. As a Catholic I didn’t know that, doubted I would go to Heaven, and didn’t know why Jesus died. Now knowing that He died for my sins and why, I have a hunger to learn more about Jesus.

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4 Replies to “Forming some of my theological beliefs”

  1. Sorry, gradually the readers may think that this stubborn German is a toublemaker, nevertheless I want to share with you the truth, not found by me in the Holy Scripture, but by Dr. Martin Luther and Dr. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Augustine, bishop George Kennedy Allen Bell and others.

    I suppose, a lot of people have ever asked themselves: Do I really have faith? Am I a real believer? Who actually says that all my faith is not pure imagination? This are serious questions and I personally had no answers for many years.

    The above mentioned Christians gave me the answer.

    It is important to realize that baptism is a sacramental act and not merely a symbolic act. Read the Holy Scripture (for example the “Acts”) and see that the Holy Spirit was given near-terms to baptism. It is not important, whether the Spirit was given shortly before, during or shortly after baptism. It is only important to realize that there is a connection between baptism and the giving of the Spirit. The only condition for someone to get baptized, is it, to repent and to expect help from Jesus Christ. After baptism the question, whether I have faith, doesn’t exist any longer, but I am required to be obedient. I just live the Christian live in the power of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This power was dedicated to me at baptism. By the way this doctrine is not against the doctrine of salvation by faith or grace, but it is the doctrine of salvation by grace. It is only that there is a certain place in time und space, where the Christian live starts: baptism

    In the second section of Bonhoeffer’s book “The Cost of Discipleship” you could find a lot of more information and explanation about the issue.

    Don’t get me wrong,

    Everybody, having received infant baptism can refer back to it and mustn’t get baptized again (re-baptized). Re-baptism is strictly prohibited. Just believe right now that at infant baptism the power of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ was dedicated to you!

    1. Why are you taking this opportunity to blog on my blog? Are you another one who cannot, when answered, stick to the subject?

      Further, your entire sentiment here has nothing to do with your other comments. Stick to the subject, of find your own blog to pontificate on.

      1. Of course my comment refers to your article. I think you have not yet realized the problem. It is really possible that your faith is pure imagination. What is the way to get a solid faith? Read my comment again and you will find the answer. By the way I agree with Dietrich Bonhoeffer, who was the most gifted theologian of the last century!

  2. Rainer, that you can’t tell that Joel didn’t write this post says something. Faith is from Jesus, not from reading your comments.

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