“I don’t repent to be forgiven, I repent because I have been forgiven”.
Ray Bevan. The King’s Church, Newport, Wales.
29 May 2011.

So Ray doesn’t get down on his knees and ask God for forgiveness because he already knows that Jesus paid the price for his sins and that he is already forgiven. Ray’s sins were forgiven before they are committed.

Yes, we are living under Grace. But don’t we have to examine our conscience, tell God the Father our sins, ask for His forgiveness, say sorry and repent, in the name of Jesus? I try my best to do this.

I think Ray is missing something.

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6 Replies to “Forgiveness”

  1. Gez, I think you are missing something, or have misread Bevan’s words. He said “I repent because I have been forgiven”. You seem to have understood him as saying “I don’t repent because I have been forgiven”.

  2. Peter, when Bevan said that on Sunday night, the meaning I have given it is exactly what he meant. As I read it I see how you got something else!

    Bevan means he repents because his sins were forgiven 2000 years ago, long before he comitted any sins, so he doesn’t have to ask forgiveness as it is guaranteed.

  3. Well, what does “repent” mean? I don’t think it means “ask forgiveness”, although it might include that. It means to turn away from one’s sins and live a holy life. If Bevan does this, does it really matter whether he uses the traditional posture and words?

  4. Peter unfortunately some people don’t understand the covenant of blood of Jesus and read the written word (logos) and not the revealed word (rhema). Ray Bevan understands the grace and promises of God.

  5. Ray has it completely. It took me years to understand that when Jesus said on the cross ‘it is finished’ – he meant just that. Our turning around comes about because ‘it is finished’. We don.t have to grovel and beg etc, WE ARE FORGIVEN and that in itself changes our heart and we live closer to Jesus and keep very short records. We cannot earn anything. HE has done it all. Seems to simple doesn’t it – but Jesus said ‘come as little children’ .

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