Forging an Unholy Alliance

Well, you are hearing it here first.  Joel has officially lured me in with the temptation of his uncanny knack for getting free books. In a Facebook conversation yesterday, he told me he had some books he could send me right now if I’d contribute.  So, here I am.

I know this shocking to some considering my past history with Joel.  But, the truth is I really, really like books.

Two things I should note first:

1. I do not intend to stop blogging on my own; however, I’m in a bit of a transitional stage right now.  When or if I finish my PhD, I plan to start a blog more representative of my own thoughts.  I originally started as a resource site before I really knew anything about blogging in general or biblioblogging in particular.  I plan to leave that site up as a resource site along with the blog archive.  Considering the following Joel’s blog has compared to my current one, co-blogging here will give me a platform to launch my next site.  Joel knows that my motives and doesn’t care.

2. The views represented by other co-bloggers on this site do not necessarily reflect mine; however, one of the things that I appreciate about Joel is his willingness to engage people of a variety of perspectives.  Yet in all, my Christianity is not “Unsettled” as the tag for this blog might suggest.  I am unapologetically Roman Catholic and accept the teachings of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  I may make note of this in a disclaimer of some sort.

Okay.  Now I’m going to let this sink in, so that perhaps you can get over the shock.  My first step will be to CATHOLICIZE this blog a bit … Joel, you asked for it.

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25 Replies to “Forging an Unholy Alliance”

    1. Learn grammar, Joel. That would be “unsettling.” You changed the tenses. Not the same thing.
      Hey this is fun. I’m a contributor and making fun of Joel’s grammar.

  1. What’s next–Hobbins and West hooking up to co-blog? Ok, that’s a bit more extreme and unlikely, but it sure would be fun to watch (by watch I mean read)!

  2. Hey Jeremy. Welcome. There is a lot I like about Catholic theology…My bro-inlaw was married last week and I liked what the priest said about them not being married by him – rather they were marrying themselves before and within the life of the congregation.

    1. Indeed. Marriage is a sacrament that the couple confers on each other. That’s why a Catholic can be married without a priest officiating, though they do have to get dispensation from the bishop.

  3. Warning warning, giant wormhole opening up in the gamma quadrant. weeeee arrrrrreeee beeeiiiinnnnngggg sssssuuuuuccccckkkkeeeeeddd iiiiinnnn.

  4. So we can have the Reformation all over again. A Catholic and Lutheran contributor…although I don’t contribute nearly as much as I should….

    1. Craig..I noticed on your blog you consider this one a Liberal blog… I would have asked you there; but the comments are closed. ..sorry to go on a tangent.

      What is your bench mark for Liberal. I’m asking because there could be some cultural differences between what we mean here in Australia and what you mean there.

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