For those interested in a little grace… in doing something good… PLEASE CONSIDER

I saw this story over the weekend. I thought that given the writing taking place on the biblioblogs, that this person may be interesting in receiving some notes or books, etc…, from you:

The letter to the editor of a prestigious archaeology magazine came from inmate No. J81961 at Tehachapi State Prison.

Prisoner Timothy Fenstermacher, a high school dropout, wrote to disagree with an article by an archaeologist at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Hieroglyphics turn prisoner away from a life of crime – Los Angeles Times.

Seriously, read the entire story. It is a pretty awesome thing to see something like this. You can write him at:

P. O. Box 1031
Tehachapi, CA 93581

Include his prisoner number.

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3 Replies to “For those interested in a little grace… in doing something good… PLEASE CONSIDER”

  1. I just ran across this blog post with a link to the LA Times article on my brother, Tim Fenstermacher. I am collecting what I find online, so that I can mail it to him and see what an inspiration he has become to others. On behalf of him–thank you so much for passing along his story! I need to correct the address though: It goes like this:

    Timothy Fenstermacher, #J-81961 4A-1B-206
    California Correctional Institution
    P.O. Box 1902
    Tehachapi, CA 93581

    I usually like to send him a few blank sheets of paper, an envelope or two, and a few stamps; he can’t have much at a time, but I like to make it easier for him to write back. He will be so touched to hear from you! Take care, and be blessed.

      1. Yes, he can, but there are rules for it. Books have to come directly from approved vendors; paperback only. Here is more complete information:
        I recently used this company for sending him two books that he specifically requested: Again, thank you so much for asking! He is going to be so touched by the outpouring of caring and support. And he’s a pretty great pen pal too; lots of interesting stories!

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