For the ignorant on the Internet

This picture, or one like it, is floating around Facebook…


Not only does it show a complete inaptness at understanding the current debate, but it equally shows the mindset of Americans and those who pretend to know what is going on in the U.S.

First, this is the President of the United States. Second, this president has received actual death threats, and loads of them, many of them credible, many of them from white guys with guns bigger than those the agents carry. Third, no one with a credible voice us suggesting taking away guns. If that is what you ate hearing, you are stupid and most likely in need of medication. Fourth, this picture is a subtle hint that the death of this president is wanted.

I cannot help your stupidity if this is your argument for the ability of mental nuts to riddle more innocents with bullets.

If you are thus stupid that thus is your argument, I am unsure if you should be on the Internet,

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4 Replies to “For the ignorant on the Internet”

  1. Unfortunately virtually all of the posts I’ve seen from both sites of the argument will do nothing to solve this problem. Cultural bad behavior is at the root of the problem and we see less and less shame attached to bad behavior, even to the point of glorifying extreme bad behavior. Until society decides that bad behavior is shameful (not just regarding killing) other efforts will have minimal effect. A lot of the blame can be shared by ineffective religious organizations where the primary aim is to keep everyone happy.

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