for-profit schools… the latest scam in American Higher Ed?

More than 100 for-profit colleges are so dependent on taxpayer money that they would be violating a law designed to prevent profiteering if not for a loophole that excludes GI Bill funds and Department of Defense tuition assistance to active duty military.

via Taxpayer funds are lifeline for more than 100 for-profit schools – The Center for Investigative Reporting.

Honestly, folks… I understand some of you are displeased with the American education system, especially with higher ed, but the new for-profit ventures aren’t doing you any favors.

In one year, they took just over 9 billion from tax payers. Almost 4 billion of that went to the University of Phoenix.

Sure, they aren’t wasting dollars on sports, but they are still taking our money…

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4 Replies to “for-profit schools… the latest scam in American Higher Ed?”

  1. Actually, for-profit higher education is part of a much broader scheme to defraud taxpayers.

    For-profit charter schools and vouchers on the primary and secondary level are also predicated on transfer of wealth strategies. Essentially, charter schools involved de facto vouchers that bypass the parents. The money comes out of the public purse and goes straight into corporate coffers.

    Most American fail to appreciate that 1) American pubic education isn’t American and 2) it’s never been about education.

    That which most Americans think constitutes public education actually exists for the purpose of teaching unquestioned obedience. It began under Frederich the Great and was imported from Prussia in the 19th century.

    Another game that is being played is replacing the broad spectrum of liberal arts with STEM – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. While STEM is being touted as guaranteeing graduates jobs, its true purpose may be to raise a generation unable to question the system.

    There is so much more to tell. At this point, I have neither time time nor the inclination ot get into it. However, if you’re interested in a couple of perspectives – one from a confirmed liberal and the other from an advocate of homeschooling – follow the links below. (A graduate of both Cornell and Columbia, John Taylor Gatto is a former Teacher of the Year for New York State.)

    Warning: when I tried to access the second website – even clicking on a search engine link – I got a 404 website not found error. Nonetheless, that was – and hopefully still is – a functional URL.

    The book you’re looking for is The Underground History of American Education. All or part of the text should be available online. Additional references to the text are available online. If all else fails, the book can be ordered through

    The book really is worth ready if you have children or grandchildren.

  2. A look beneath the surface reveals that both education and religion operate on a two tier system. With few exceptions, there is one level for the rich and another for everyone else.

    Sermons in upscale churches are very different from those catering the working class masses. (Anyone, including doctors and lawyers, having to show up Monday to pay the bills is working class.) In fact, the differences are so pronounced that those accustomed to one tier typically feel uncomfortable attending services in the other!

    Quite often, when some visitor seemingly inexplicably gets up and walks out of a church service it is because they’ve crossed that invisible boundary dividing the classes. Because of limited life experiences, those from the lower class are generally the ones most offended by the crossover. Individuals from the upper class are more likely to understand the game and play along.

    From an elitist point of view, religion is convenient diversion for the masses. It get them so focused on the next life as to be oblivious as to how they are being controlled, manipulated, and used in this life.

    A similar two tier system exists in education.

    Mass public education relies heavily on secondary sources. Students are told what to think, when to think, and how to think. That’s why the big battle over textbooks. Tedious, technical proficients are emphasized.

    Obedience is paramount. Students are groomed to show up for work, do as they are told, and not ask any questions unrelated to accomplishing their assigned tasks. That’s why, if some kid even innocently raises a troublesome issue, they are treated as if the just tried to rob a bank!

    Three topics frequently avoided in public education are sex, religion, and politics. If they do make an appearance in the classroom, well-orchestrated protests soon follow. This is no accident. Control is everything.

    Top tier education is a very different animal. Students are exposed to primary source materials. Access to knowledge isn’t nearly as restricted. Class sizes tend to be smaller. Instruction is more individualized. Success is virtually guaranteed. Below is an analogy.

    There is an old joke about three clergy in a boat on a lake. They are a priest, a preacher, and a rabbi. One of the two Christians gets out of the boat and appears to walk on water. Not to be out done, the other follows.

    When the rabbi tries it, he founders and sinks. Feeling sorry for their companion, one Christian clergy says to the other, “Do you think we ought to show him where the rocks are?”

    From the very beginning, elite education reveals the little tricks and shortcuts necessary for admission to the best universities. In other words, elite students are guided to rocks of knowledge just beneath the surface of education. This is why, to the utter annoyance of public school students, prep school students see like such smug a__holes! It’s also one of the reason why preppies exude a sense of entitlement.

    Even the seemingly neutral appraisals such as IQ and SAT testing have a socioeconomic bias favoring elites. Furthermore, IQ testing is actually junk science!

    Quite often, elites attempt to siphon off brighter students from the lower rungs of society in order to prevent them from becoming disenchanted rebels able to attract a following. This is done through scholarships. This then makes the chosen sufficiently different from their former peers so as to become less likely to attract a following. Failing to do co-opt perceived threat, they will attempt to discredit or criminalize that individual.

    Elites don’t want a Jesus or Socrates cropping up on their watch.

    The whole scheme is well organized and cleverly concealed. Nor is this anything new. Every time someone reads a clock, they are paying homage to the mathematical system reserved for the elites in a long ago fallen empire!

  3. Coming to grips with how the system works helps understand why most people can play by the rules and never get ahead. Both public education and working class churches exist to lower people’s expectations in this life. Conversely, exclusive education and upscale churches impart a sense of entitlement.

    This is not to say that eduction is not important or that religion is phony. At the same time, it behooves the wise to realize that both education and religion can be manipulated to achieve nefarious ends. Who knows what and who believes what are often greater cleavages in society than are race and gender.

    Accepting this fact allow one to become, as Jesus advised, “wise as serpents and harmless as doves” when dealing with the ravenous wolves pulling the strings behind the scenes.

    The rich and powerful are well equipped to handle armed rebellion. This is their stock and trade. In fact, they count on it. They even devote vast resources and devise elaborate plans to deal with it.

    What those in power fear most are individuals whose thoughts they cannot control and who just seem to be biding their time without showing their hand. This is why domestic spying and censorship is so rampant in totalitarian regimes.

    Underneath the pomp and pretense, tyrants fear independent thinkers more than they do an invading horde! In their minds, loose ideas are more dangerous than weapons of mass destruction.

  4. With the exception of technical education – usually available to all through the sophomore year in tertiary schooling – higher education, like healthcare, is rationed by cost in the United States.

    Moreover, student loans are rapidly becoming the albatross around the neck of the American economy. What conservatives have yet to figure out that money spent to servicing student loan principal and debt is money that can’t – and won’t – be spent on housing, motor vehicles, marriage, and children. In fact banks have turned government into such a servile creature that student loans cannot be discharged even through bankruptcy!

    For more on the current status bankers’ attitudes toward student loan debt, follow the link below. As I write, the report is, quite literally, hot off the press!

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