For Discussion… Fundamentalists have no interest in history

Fundamentalists have no interest in history, culture or social or linguistic differences. They are a remarkably uncurious, self-satisfied group. Anything outside their own narrow bourgeois life, petty concerns and physical comforts bores them. They are provincials. They do not investigate or seek to understand the endemic flaws in human nature. The only thing that matters is the coming salvation of humanity, or at least that segment of humanity they deem worthy of salvation. They peddle a route to assured collective deliverance. And they sanction violence and the physical extermination of other human beings to get there. Advertisement All fundamentalists worship the same gods—themselves. They worship the future prospect of their own empowerment. They view this empowerment as a necessity for the advancement and protection of civilization or the Christian state. They sanctify the nation. They hold up the ability the industrial state has handed to them as a group and as individuals to shape the world according to their vision as evidence of their own superiority. Fundamentalists express the frustrations of a myopic and morally stunted middle class. They cling, under their religious or scientific veneer, to the worst values of the petite bourgeois. They are suburban mutations, products of an American landscape that has been perverted by a destruction of community and a long and successful war against complex thought. The self-absorbed worldview of these fundamentalists brings smiles of indulgence from the corporatists who profit, at our expense, from the obliteration of moral and intellectual inquiry. Chris Hedges


Interesting… I can’t tell if he is talking about religion, science, or political fundamentalists…

Discussion… clearly I see something in there I agree with, although I am uncomfortable in applying it broadly to every fundamentalist.

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9 Replies to “For Discussion… Fundamentalists have no interest in history”

      1. It seems as though we have a need for labels, yet too often people change the label to fit what they wish instead of allowing it to be what it is.
        It’s kind of like those pounds of coffee that are 12 ounces…

  1. The language has become so debased that “fundamentalist” usually means nothing more than “I think he’s a narrow-minded kook.” Other words that get used in a similar way are “ideologue,” “partisan,” “corporatist,” “bourgeois,” and “racist.”

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