It’s football season…and for the fist time I can remember I am not excited

imagesI am writing this with a mild concussion, so it it is rambling and contains numerous grammatical errors, please excuse it. I did want to get these thoughts down though. I really love football. I like watching pretty much any game I can find and loved playing when I was younger. I learned a great deal from my coaches about the game, about how to work with people and about discipline and respect. This year though, and today specifically, I am just not excited. This is because today, after Thaddeus’ football game, I got punched by a coach of the older kids. It doesn’t really matter why other than it was over nothing important, and it happened after him screaming in my face and me saying that it was not really the time or place to talk in front of the kids and trying to walk away. In case anyone was wondering, I will live.

These are coaches of boys ranging from 5 up into junior high school. The program aims to teach kids good values and to be an outlet. It is away to keep kids from roaming the streets during the summer as practices start shortly after school ends and a way to encourage them to do well in school and listen at home. If the grades are not good and the kids are not well behaved, they don’t play. It is exercise, physical activity and healthy competition. It is a bunch of boys learning to do things together in an effort to achieve a goal. It’s also a place where those who are entrusted with being role models for these kids, their coaches, punch parents (or in my case step parents).

Thaddeus worked hard to improve. He is much better than when he started and was continuing to improve. Mary was what they call a team mom, which meant she helped keep the boys on task, handled some paper work, reminded of games, etc. I showed up lol. Now we have a lot more free family time it seems. That is not a bad thing mind you, but it was not the plan. There is no way in good conscience that Thaddeus can be allowed to go back and have those who think it is acceptable to punch parents be an influence in his life. It’s football season and I will watch many games over the next several months, but I won’t be able to watch the ones I most want to. It’s football season and for the first time that I can remember I am just not excited.

It’s been a bit of a rough week. Decisions to leave a denomination I was involved in since my birth and all that goes with it, to being punched at a peewee football game by a coach. I was really looking forward to football season to calm things down a bit. Every Saturday watching the kids play, watching Thaddeus do his best when he got into the game. Hearing the cheers and all that good stuff. Now, not so much. There is the money it costs to play that now we are out as well. We sacrificed so that Thaddeus could play, and did so happily. Now it seems it was for nothing really. Not nothing, he did get to see that just like there are things worth fighting over, there are things that just are not worth it, like peewee football, also. An expensive lesson, but a valuable one.

Normally when I write, I have some sort of goal or purpose in mind, but with this I don’t. All I really know is that a kid is angry and upset and might not play again ever because of what happened. I know that I got punched, and while this is not necessarily a new thing all in all, it is not pleasant and in this case not deserved. I don’t know the moral here, or the lesson. Maybe there is not one and I just want to complain a bit. That is very possible. What I do know is that it is football season and for the first time that I can remember, I am not excited. Neither is a very disappointed boy who just wanted to play a game and be a part of a team.

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3 Replies to “It’s football season…and for the fist time I can remember I am not excited”

  1. Sorry…especially for your son and for those the coach influenced.
    I would hope for an apology from the coach…but not count on it…

    1. There will not be an apology, though to be fair that has more to do with me than the coach. The only contact that we had was through football, so there really is not an opportunity. I choose to think that he is sorry and move on. After some reflection though, I am not sorry that it happened. I don’t enjoy it mind you, but not sorry. We are the family who comes to practice with Christian radio playing. That is how we were known. Today we got to live up to that…we don’t always, but today, for those kids who needed the example that most, we got to. God is good. I am thankful that for today we managed to do it right and show a lot of people who needed to see that there is another way.

  2. “Souls who live an heroic spiritual life within great religious traditions and institutions, attain a rare volume and vividness of religious insight, conviction and reality” – von Hügel

    You don’t actually believe this (the above quoted) death-rattle… do you? Have you ever seriously researched under the phrase “churchianity’… ? It might help you right your ship…

    Kind regards,

    Warpaint On

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