Five Words… but does the church need saving?

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I don’t like titles like this:

Five Words That Could Save the Church –

Neither the Church nor Christianity needs saving. Our faith has faced tougher opponents than post-modern thought, but what could further the cause is more of a humble approach to knowledge.

“…but I might be wrong.”

Pepper an impassioned debate with those five words with someone you’ve previously denounced as a heretic or traitor to the cause and an amazing thing happens.

It tells your “opponent” on the other side of the issue that you care more about the mutual pursuit of truth rather than in placing another check in your camp’s win column. It communicates that maintaining Christian unity despite your differences is more important to you than scoring points and dancing in your “opponent’s” end-zone.

The article is written by Ian Morgan Cron, a pastor really into social justice, and, um, the article is on Fox Noise.

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