First Impressions of The Only True God

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I am progressing more slowly than I had hoped, but I am enjoying James McGrath’s latest book a great deal. It is providing me with a lot of thinking material. That is ultimately how I judge scholarly books – does it make me think? Does it shake me a bit? Can I explore new avenues, new paths? In the end, do I gain? So, far, I am happy with the time that it is taking me to read is book.

I breeze through fiction books, and books more often than not those books found in the Family Christian Bookstores. I like meat, not milk. (This is a personal reference, and should not be construed as a must for every Christian.)

His writings style is deep – long sentences, long paragraphs, and someone who knows how to use commas. He explains himself – which is part of his goal in trying to reach those with the background usually need for scholarly materials.

One of the issues which he is teasing is the use of creation as a key to monotheism. It’s got me thinking, which he may cover, but what of Genesis? Is Genesis key to the entire idea of the one true God? I mean, remove the Creationism vs. Intelligent Design (Evolution with God at the start) debate, just for a moment. What if the central message of the Creation account was not the 6 days and a literal understanding, but the fact that the only true God was the only true Creator? Rather, that the Creator was the One True God, the God Most High.

There are two subjects dealing with theology which interest me, 2nd Temple Judaism and Doctrinal Development until 381 of the early Church. Frankly, I can see how this book might inform me of the former and thus inform me of the latter.

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