Finding Peace

I was in a rather reflective mood last night and wrote some poetry titled Finding Peace

The waves of life washing over my feet, hypnotically I stare ahead, not really noticing my feet sinking into the sands of time. It takes all my energy just to stand, against the forces against me

and the Sea of Life.

Masses of people going to and fro, like waves on the shore. Coming and going with the tide of
 societies expectation.  Crashing and eroding ones sanity with the ethic of greed and consumption. The weight of the grains of more, add to the dunes of the never stable hills, on which one slides and digs into as they climb with hope of success….

What are your thoughts about peace and life?

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4 Replies to “Finding Peace”

  1. I think the church has cheapened the image of peace, so that today it evokes nothing more than a zen-like acceptance of all circumstances. The Hebrew word Shalom literally means, “peace, health, and prosperity.” Our Jesus came so that we could have life and have it more abundantly. Wake up, church! Jesus died to become our Prince of Shalom. Receive Him and receive life abundant! Do not settle for anything less!

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