Finally, the Michael Barber Collection (2 vols.) is available from @Logos @michaelpbarber

This collection presents two volumes written by Michael Barber, a well-known name in the Catholic community. A teacher, professor, author, and radio host, Barber is committed to teaching in accordance with the Church. The Michael Barber Collection analyzes two biblical books: Psalms and Revelation. It highlights each book’s historical significance, as well as the impact they together have today. Additionally, each volume addresses how Christians should behave in an increasingly godless world and emphasizes the importance of prayer, Scripture meditation, and worship.

via Michael Barber Collection (2 vols.) – Logos Bible Software.

As you know, Dr. Barber blogs here. I am looking forward to this, for a number of reasons — namely because of the two books Barber analyzes.

Today is the day, my friends. Go, buy.

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