Finally a Hebrew Bible for Kindle and Nook

Cool. Finally there’s a Hebrew Bible for Kindle and Nook.  Rick Mansfield has got the full scoop. Check it out:

Popular eReaders like the Kindle and Nook are still new technologies essentially. As such, there are still features not yet present in eReaders, such as the ability to display right-to-left languages like Hebrew and Arabic. To my knowledge, because of this limitation, there have not been any Hebrew Bibles available for the Kindle or Nook until now.

Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) for Kindle & Nook | This Lamp.

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10 Replies to “Finally a Hebrew Bible for Kindle and Nook”

        1. Hmmm… I learn new things about Joel all the time. That’s one more notch that lowers him in my eyes.

          And yes, the price is very right. I’m of the opinion that all ebooks should be $9.99 or less.

          1. Agreed. Considering the production costs are nil compared to a hard copy. I’d certainly buy more of them if they were. In fact, I usually only buy the cheaper ones.

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