Feeling the Heat? Anglican head scolds Vatican

Roman Catholics should look beyond the divisive issue of ordaining women to see how much they share with the world’s Anglicans and work toward greater Christian unity, the head of the Anglican Communion said on Thursday.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams, whose own church is split over female priests and bishops, said the Vatican's ban on ordaining women was not as solidly grounded theologically as the core Christian doctrines the two denominations agree on.

His speech at a pontifical university in Rome came a month after Pope Benedict invited alienated Anglicans to join the Catholic Church, a move some Anglicans criticized as a bid to woo away those opposed to women bishops.

via Anglican head challenges Vatican over women clergy | International | Reuters.

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4 Replies to “Feeling the Heat? Anglican head scolds Vatican”

  1. I guess once you boot the papacy out of the seat of Peter, and sit yourself down, personal interpretation is all the vogue. Therefore I prefer this take on the events of your post,

    Archbishop of Canterbury in Rome: In giving we receive / Ruth Gledhill Times Online article

    http://tinyurl.com/yhqnthr if the link doesn’t work google the title and author 😉

    1. Pat, there is no such thing as the seat of Peter. I tend to see Williams and trying to hedge his bets, so to speak, but we will see.

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