Farewell, @tyndalehouse.

Tyndale House is standing behind Mark Driscoll even though more allegations of plagiarism are surfacing.

They are hiding behind nuances and attempting to shame those who see through this facade:

“To his credit, Mark Driscoll has moved quickly to make all necessary changes where mistakes were made in the study guide” said Ron Beers, Senior Vice President and Group Publisher for Tyndale. “Moreover, he has assured us that he has personally spoken with the primary editor of a commentary that was inadvertently used in the study guide without adequate citation, and all parties spoken to have told Pastor Driscoll that they are satisfied with the steps he has taken to correct the errors. Because of the biblical manner in which Pastor Driscoll has handled this situation, Tyndale strongly stands behind him and looks forward to publishing many additional books with him. Tyndale believes that Mark Driscoll has provided a significant call to Christians to unite together in translating the message of Jesus faithfully to a post-Christian culture, to proclaim clearly, loudly, and unashamedly the Good News of Jesus.”


While there are many nuanced definitions of plagiarism, most definitions agree that plagiarism is a writer’s deliberate use of someone’s words or ideas, and claiming them as their own with no intent to provide credit to the original source.

14 pages? That’s not deliberate?

What definitions include deliberate attempt? The fact is, is that it is not just once… But now more and more and more. That is a pattern. Princeton’s definitions point to responsibility, not motivation.

I’ll update this post later… As my nerves settle.

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4 Replies to “Farewell, @tyndalehouse.”

  1. I bet we’ll see a significant slowdown in Driscoll’s production line of books from here on, now that he has to write them himself.

  2. You know, I’ve been really perplexed by the constant evasion. His lifting of Peter Jones’ material was suddenly a non-issue because “Peter’s a friend of mine, I’ve had him over for dinner at my house,” and in Tyndale’s response regarding the IVP piece, Driscoll spoke to the author, who he “greatly admires.”

    It’s like saying, “What?! Plagiarism?! No, I’m the guy’s biggest fan.” It’s a red herring.

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