Farewell @JohnPiper

Or maybe not. We all slip up and say stupid things. John is not inerrant, just a little creepy today. His statement here is just a bit odd, perverse even, but in trying to make an deeply theological analogy one should look not to twitter but maybe a tome. I hope that people give him the time to explain – well, more time than Piper gave to Rob Bell.

I hope that if I ever say something utterly depraved or stupid, even if I knew what I was supposed to mean, that others would treat me better than people are going to treat Piper.

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25 Replies to “Farewell @JohnPiper”

  1. What’s wrong with that statement? It’s edgy? It’s completely true: an immature lack of interest doesn’t imply a problem with the supposed uninteresting thing.

    1. Tim, if I remember correctly, Piper doesn’t like edgy. This is a tinge perverse. I know what he means, but he doesn’t, especially with the issues we have today, make an analogy which will cause some to think he is speaking about a 5 year old having sex.

      1. … or even worse, that he has personal experience of sex with 5 year olds who think it is boring. Not to mention the possible double meaning of “boring”.

  2. I have to agree with Joel. To take it one step further, I am not even sure the analogy works. Is there really any 5 year old who “thinks sex is boring?” I’m not sure too many 5 year olds know much about sex at all, much less find it “boring.”

  3. Mentioning sex and five year olds is fine for Freudians, not so much for pastors of any denomination.

    “Boring” = London System in chess. Ask any chess player. Even five year olds.

  4. Peter Kirk is reaching… and that’s quite shameful, sir.

    Joel, you’re being a little over-sensitive. It’s not perverse at all… just the opposite. It would be perverse if a 5 y-o had interest in sex. Further, sex is a massively power force – very attractive. So, in that sense, the analogy is quite proper. The only thing that can be said against it is that the comment is apt to twisted by those bend on misunderstanding it (Peter Kirk), and that is a serious weakness. Funny enough, that’s a weakness that I’ve been working on recently, myself.

    1. The problem is that your view of sex: “sex is a massively power force – very attractive. So, in that sense, the analogy is quite proper.” As a “massively proper” force is only feasible in a sex saturated society such as the united states.

      Each metaphor has its limits, and I think that this analogy proves why many Christians are sick and tired of “Jesus is my boyfriend” love songs at worship time. Furthermore, sex as an analogy for God is entirely improper. Yes God is love, but not erotic love. God is agape love, thats in 1st John 4. Its pastors and tweets like these that keep americans confused with what love is. I love you does not mean it’s time to have sexy time.

      I could go on.

    2. Tim, just to clarify, I am by no means suggesting that John Piper has done or is interested in doing anything improper. My point is solely that what he said leaves him open to that kind of misunderstanding. A pastor should avoid any appearance of evil, and I’m afraid that in this world mentioning sex and young children in the same tweet does appear to some like evil.

      1. Peter, though I think you are misappropriating that Pauline imperative (it is poorly translated in the English anyway). I do agree with your assessment. Piper should know better. Especially since he judges others, how can he expect to not also be judged. Social media makes it far too easy to type before we think. I’ve done the same. Who knows what was going on in his head that this seemed logical and ok. It is neither.

        That said I have very little regard for much Piper says anyway.

  5. Tim, while I appreciate what Piper is trying to say through the analogy. I’m just not buying that it is relevant, nor prudent, to actually state it as such. I think Piper is the one who is reaching.

  6. There are a lot of statements and analogies regarding the faith that are true, that doesn’t mean I should post them on Twitter. As a leader, especially an established leader like John Piper, you have to stop and ask if Twitter is the right venue for such an observation.

    In the context of a bigger discussion, this thought could be profound, but when cut down to 140 characters, it’s kind of creepy.

  7. “I hope that if I ever say something utterly depraved or stupid, even if I knew what I was supposed to mean, that others would treat me better than people are going to treat Piper.”

    Really, he has thousands of saints already that venerate him. No one really has criticized him truly.

  8. As a veteran mother and aunt, I can say with authority that five year olds think that private parts (as well as anything whatsoever that properly goes on in the bathroom) are fascinating and hilarious, and they already know by that age that they are not supposed to talk about it — which only adds to the fascination. Therefore most five-year-olds will take every possible opportunity to use words for privates or bathroom activities, and the way that they do this is generally to tattle on a sibling or schoolmate, and say, “(Sibling/classmate) said a bad word! He/she said, (censored)!”

    Yet another reason why John Piper’s tweet was, er, ill-considered.

    1. Talking about peepees and the glories of sex are, well, not exactly the same thing. I’d think as a veteran mother, you’d know the difference! 😉

      Seriously, though, your comment illustrates why Piper’s tweet wasn’t wise… it’s apt to be misunderstood.

      1. 😉

        Tim, we veteran mothers not only know the difference, we know from personal experience that the glories of the latter lead DIRECTLY to finding yourself spending years of your life socializing little people to stop talking about the former.

        And socializing them to stop kicking their siblings under the table. And so on, for twenty or so years.

        In fact, I tell my teenagers right up front that the glories of sex lead straight to the miracle of new life!!

        Hopefully they got the message . . .

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