Facts debunk the hype caused by @ToddStarnes

This is a well-balanced view of the recent Goebbel-like propaganda machine called Fox News Channel:

The current controversy seems to have originated with Fox News contributor Todd Starnes, who on Tuesday wrote about a Pentagon meeting on harassment and tolerance issues; among the attendees was the head of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, Mikey Weinstein.

Pentagon debunks reports of anti-Christian policies – The Washington Post.

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2 Replies to “Facts debunk the hype caused by @ToddStarnes”

  1. To understand the importance of the current conflict, one needs to go back to the days of the Roman Emperor Constantine. Although often ignored, infusion of Christianity into a declining military powerhouse served a very practical purpose.
    Prior to Christianity, Roman theology was largely predicated on the assumption that there was no afterlife. Christianity changed all of that with the concept of reward in the next life for obedience in this life. (This is really why the writings of Paul became indispensable.) Dutiful soldiers need not fear. Eternal life in a better place awaits believers dying in battle.
    The military leadership these days is in a panic. The God-fearing white male cadre that once comprised esprit de corps no longer enlisted in large numbers after Nam.
    Half a century ago, black faces in special ops could be washed off. Women were regulated to support roles. Although rotating in and out, homosexuals were officially verboten. All of that is gone. Except for wealth, today’s military reflects the diversity of the country
    Much like their old Roman counterparts, American military leadership uses Christianity to form a common spiritual bond. This indoctrination is so strong that it even extends into the ranks of retired military working as civilians for government agencies. With an increasingly diverse rank and file, the brass sees a common religious faith as the last thread holding it altogether.
    The problem for military leadership is compounded by the fact that many Christians these days are opposed to serving in the military. In addition to traditional pacifists, a new breed of resistance has clustered around opposition to women in positions of authority as well as open homosexuality.
    With mass media beating the war drums and the chances of reinstituting the draft officially off the table, the military leadership is struggling to hold it altogether.
    Al the while, although largely composed of cowards and draft-dodgers only able to sing the Star Spangled Banner louder than most, Fox News is running around like Chicken Little claiming the sky of falling.

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