#fact Contraception and Catholicism

atholic teaching on contraception is at the heart of the controversy over the Health and Human Services mandate. Catholic hospitals and universities are unwilling to purchase insurance plans that provide contraceptive coverage. To critics, this unwillingness borders on the irrational; accordingly, they see little value in protecting the freedom of Catholic hospitals and universities to act in accordance with their beliefs.

Catholic teaching about contraception is, however, not irrational; nor is it founded, as some have claimed, on irrelevant distinctions such as that between what is natural and what is “artificial.” Rather, two lines of argument are to be found throughout the tradition of Catholic, and more generally, Christian, thought on this issue that together show the teaching to be plausible and, in the view of many, true.

via Contraception and Catholicism – Christopher Tollefsen – National Review Online.

As I said, I don’t have to agree with someone in order to understand them.

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2 Replies to “#fact Contraception and Catholicism”

  1. Although he makes the argument against contraception wonderfully from his religious experience, he does fail to make any point as to why that clearly religious argument should be persuasive as a secular argument.

    I think that the pro-life camp in general on many fronts fails to make a convincing secular argument for defense of their position.

    So although it is a wonderfully well written article, he certainly fails to accomplish the thesis point of the article.

    1. Kevin,

      I don’t fully agree with the Catholic stance on birth control, but I guess my point is that it is not about keeping women barefoot and pregnant, but about something theological.

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