Facing the Dark

God is Love. God is Light. God is Spirit. God is.

So why is it that many Christians simply do not love, life in the light, rest in the spirit and simply be?

I am transferring some of my feeble attempts at pseudo-academic writings, my book reviews, and a few other things, to another blog. Why? When I offer my written work and interaction with others works, I want it to be a controlled offering. Of course, this has forced me to reread a few of my other posts, in which while I maintain the message delivered (mostly) I cringe at the delivery.

I am paring down my past posts, getting rid of more than a few. On this blog, that is. On the other blog, I will have a very tightly controlled personal posting policy.

Could I have delivered the message better? And if the message is delivered only in a negative manner, what does that say about the message? What if the delivery of the message wrongly, although the message may be right, the hearer was forced that much more to hold on to his or her own position?

Things change, I reckon, so do people. If we can grow, then it shows that we are alive.

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