Exploring the The Wesleyan Quadrilateral

I first encountered the Quadrilateral when I was a Community Organizer hosting a few seminarians for Seminary Summer. One was a Methodist, from which I learned an awful lot. It is best seen,

For some, it is the method to interpret Scripture. Scott McKnight uses it in the recent Old Earth debates with Al Mohler. I wonder if this would prohibit modern scholarship or aid it in setting wrong interpretations and understandings right. Anytime you deal with Tradition, you take a chance that it becoming unquestionable.

And is experience the best method of exploration of the Christian doctrine? Can’t the Charismatics claim the same thing?

But, then again, this is why Reason is there, in order to inform the rest, I reckon. Through Reason we can correct poor interpretations, bad Tradition and keep emotional outbursts from dictating Doctrine.

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3 Replies to “Exploring the The Wesleyan Quadrilateral”

  1. Rreason is often informed or influenced by experience and desire. I think Scripture needs to be first and foremost. Then guidance by the Holy Spirit. Then perhaps reason influenced by the first two. I would not likely include tradition except as a tiny footnote if in fact it does not go against scripture. But really, tradition is nothing more than other people's experience, so even that would have to be measured by scripture – as indeed, all of it would need to be.

  2. So very glad to see you comment, W.

    I 'think' that Wesley didn't see Tradition likes others have, but saw it serving as a connection between the Church and historical interpretations and understandings instead of something which is on par with Scripture.

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