Excuses, excuses – that’s really all Presuppositionalism is

Kevin DeYoung quotes Moises Silva:

In contrast , I want to argue not only that the exegete may address theological issues and suggest what bearing the text may have on theological reflection–I go a daring step further: my systematic theology should actually inform my exegesis. To put it in the most shocking way possible, my theological system should tell me how to exegete. (Interpreting Galatians, 207)

Your Theological System Should Tell You How to Exegete, Christian News.

They fall back on, only when it suites them, postmodernism:

“Third, and finally, my proposal will sound a lot less shocking once we remember that, as a matter of fact, everyone does it anyway” (209). If postmodernism has taught us anything it is that none of us comes to a text with a completely unbiased, blank slate.

I disagree. I do think you can approach exegesis without bias.

If you approach exegesis only to support your theology, this is the basis of presuppositionalism, and in my opinion shows a lack of faith.

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3 Replies to “Excuses, excuses – that’s really all Presuppositionalism is”

  1. It seems to me that using systematics to guide one’s exegesis is, in reality, more or less pious eisegesis. In trying to harmonize the different parts of Scripture (“Without a systematic theology how can you begin to know what to do with the eschatology of Ezekiel or the sacramental language in John 6 or the psalmist’s insistence that he is righteous and blameless?”), the interpreter ends up muting the whole choir in favor of a few soloists. It is better, I think, to let the different voices of Scripture all sing out, even if it’s too cacophonous for some.

  2. I think there is a good way to have your ST inform your exegesis. If you consider interpritation a circular process rather than a linear one then ST is informed by exegesis and further exegesis is informed by ST. I say informed not restrained. This means ST should not stays the same. It should change and become more precise and well informed as exegesis becomes more precise and well informed.

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