Example of Unqualified Interpretation: The Dark Side of Joseph

What do you get when you cross anonymous and ‘God told me?’ You get a really bad interpretation:

Was Joseph really a type of Christ or a type and shadow of the coming AntiChrist? The following article is used by permission from a source who wishes to remain anonymous. It is a fascinating read and well worth the time. You will never look at Joseph the same again.

The year was 1984; the place was Jimmy Swaggart Ministries as David Wilkerson was ministering in what is now the school’s gymnasium. Brother Wilkerson took his text from the great Book of Genesis as he spoke of the life of Joseph. After he read his text, he made the statement that Joseph was the best type of Christ in the Old Testament and I responded with a resounding, “Amen!” Immediately, the Holy Spirit touched my spirit as though He had been grieved with my agreeing with Brother Wilkerson’s statement concerning Joseph. I had always heard and been taught that Joseph was a beautiful type of Christ, but there was no doubt that the Holy Spirit was trying to tell me something. I was so troubled by what I felt in my spirit that evening that I cannot even say that I remember what the message was about; other than that it was about Joseph.

Further down, in what I guess is an apparent point, he writes:

In the New Testament, Joseph is never spoken of by Jesus. He is mentioned by Stephen as he gave his sermon to the religious leaders before he was stoned to death and his name is mentioned in Chapter 11 of Hebrews in regards to taking his bones out of Egypt. Joseph is also listed in Revelation 7:8 where we find his name back in the list of the Tribes of Israel who will go through the Great Tribulation with the seal of God on their foreheads.

Really? Is that was we are basing Joseph on? I wonder if the author knows that Christ didn’t mention a lot of the Old Testament Heroes and Heroines. Does that make them all a type of the False Prophet? I am not going to dissect the various ‘wrongs’ of this author, just point out that this is why qualifications are sometimes necessary for certain things.

Read the rest here: The Dark Side of Joseph | Deception Bytes.


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20 Replies to “Example of Unqualified Interpretation: The Dark Side of Joseph”

  1. Hey now, I ordered a Jimmy Swaggart study Bible a few days ago!

    I tried reading the article, but it was long, so I’ll save it for another day. So far, my impression is that he’s saying Joseph did bad things (which is true). He somehow ties Ephraim to the Antichrist, and that’s what I’ll want to look at again, since I only scanned that part.

  2. One thing about the Swaggart Study Bible…He just nags you day-in and day-out to buy it! I wonder if he does what the Exorcist movie did–insert a slide somewhere for an advertisement, so it enters our subconscious and we think, “Man, I should get that!”

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