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  1. But you and the author of that post miss the whole point. What women wear does INCITE some men who give into temptation and commit sin.Because most of you discount what sin is an d how it affects people you do not see the whole picture. BOTH men and women should be careful of how they dress. The Bible speaks of being modest in one’s dress not sexy.

    A woman wearing only her underwear at night in central park is inviting rape whether you think so or not. A woman wearing revealing clothing knowing men may desire her is inviting bad responses to her ‘attitude’. Not necessarily rape but they are not inviting men to be gentlemen.

    Women have a responsibility to be careful when they put their clothes on and go out in public and in today’s immoral world, they cannot expect to dress provocatively and expect to be treated like a lady.

    1. wait… don’t you see the hypocritical stance between this comment and the comment before? So the Muslims should “turn the other cheek” but women who dress “sexy” deserve what they get?

      No one is inviting rape – not even if they wear nothing. You are an evil and sick man.

  2. while I agree with the sentiment, and I also resent the idea.. We males are programmed to respond when we see a woman who is attractive and available. A woman who wears certain clothes or acts in a certain way is quite likely to cause a reaction. For me, I find it tiring to have to work hard all the time to keep my mind on the straight and narrow. And then, if the mind does stray, or the eyes look at the wrong thing, to feel bad because you did that..

    For example, there was an attractive young lady i work with, who dresses what she thinks is fashionably and nicely, and she does. However, everything is tight/short/revealing, and I have to spend 8 hours a day trying to not look at her for risk of offending her or “creeping her out”. It makes it very hard to have a working relationship and to not feel guilty and so forth.

    Now, I admit that has a lot to do with the sentiment in the above post, and just because she is attractive and I am affected by that does not mean I am going to be a rapist all of a sudden or anything.. Its just that it takes A LOT of work to overcome ones natural programming – the way we were designed. Would it go away if she wore more conservative clothes? No.. but it would be easier and ones eye would be less tempted to stray..

    So.. yeah.. resent the sentiment in the statement.. but recognise that there is an issue. I sometimes wonder if it is only me, and because of my “prior” life, but I dont think it is. I think men, especially men trying to live a holier, more respectful-of-women kind of life, wish it was a bit easier.

  3. Joel, do you have daughters? Do you teach your daughters that it’s ok to wear outfits like floozies?
    I am a man, and my wife and I have a very healthy sexual life, but I was at a client’s house recently and the lady of the house was very attractive and wore a bikini. She was definitely strutting her stuff. If I sad I didn’t look, I’d be lying, but I try to live a holy life and I did my best to not even look below her chin.
    Now, what if I was not a Christian, who hasn’t had a woman in 20 years, did drugs and just get laid off or something. Would you trust a guy like that alone in that house? What if he touched her? Could he have gone house to house touched EVERY woman like that? Yes, but it’s improbable.
    There are men who rape old ladies walking their dogs. People like that are depraved, but I’m not talking about folks like that.
    It’s 4 AM,so I might sound incoherent, so just bear with me. I WANT to presign up my daughter
    to a convent, and have her wear a chastity belt with a 14 digit combination lock. Is it because I don’t trust her? No, It’s because i don’t trust you men who most likely sit and watch enough porn to choke a mule.

        1. But you did (insinuate), and no.. but there is a big leap of depravity from looking at an attractive woman and being attracted, to rape.

          Or.. we could just lock up every non homosexual male and every homosexual female on the planet. Then lock up all the homosexual males, to prevent homosexual rape..

          then we have.. well, a couple of people left I guess..

          1. This isn’t what I’m saying at all. Do you think the one that causes too much temptation has no factor? What about the question I asked about whether or not you would allow your daughters to wear skimpy outfits?

          1. Didn’t say that – but if we give into rape – honestly, who is actually tempted to rape a woman – then it matters not the clothes of the woman or the rule of law. Rapes happen even in the most legalistic societies and communities.

          2. *fault 😛

            My daughter can wear what she wants, hopefully by the time it is an issue I will have sufficiently educated her into what is appropriate and what is not (and when) (she’s 5).

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