Everyone is an angel in death

PJ has a delightful article on the recent sainthood of Michael Jackson. This happens, even to the unknowns, where all is washed away in death:

All Our Idols Go To Heaven

The beatification had begun. A maudlin media mush-fest was in full swing. Worshipful crowds were gathering all over the country to wallow in grief stricken adulation for their fallen idol. Michael Jackson’s body had barely enough time to assume room temperature when the internet rumors began to appear on the Christian blogs and websites:

Wonderful News! Michael Jackson prayed to receive Christ only three weeks before his death!

Someone who knew someone who knew someone reported that gospel recording artists Sandra and Andrae Crouch had prayed with Michael to receive Jesus shortly before he died.

And she points to other articles from the past, declaring the dead whole:

Kim Clement claims Anna Nicole Smith cried out to God and is in heaven today

Rock Hudson prayed to receive the Lord on his deathbed

John Wayne received Christ three weeks before he died because of a note from Robert Schullers daughter.

President John F. Kennedy prayed with Billy Graham to receive Christ only days before his assassination

Frankly, I think it’s a disservice to ‘sancitify’ these people like this.

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4 Replies to “Everyone is an angel in death”

  1. I cannot say that they did not recieve Christ, but it takes a whole lot more than that to go to Heaven, You are judged on how “HOlY ” you live and repent…repent is very important.. If you recieve “Christ” you would not continue with sinful natures,and keep on and thinking because you said one little prayer that you are safe, I used to think that way, No matter what I did ,I had been “saved” once and I would still go to heaven,but I was very wrong and looking back now, I shudder to think that if I had of died I would have gone straight to Hell…. Just like the TV evanglist are telling say this prayer with me, repeat after me,, It don’t work that way,,, you have to give all to God… everything, and repent….

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