Every Christian is a theologian

Every Christian is a theologian. Whether consciously or unconsciously, each person of faith embraces a belief system. And each believer, whether in a deliberate manner or merely implicitly, reflects on the content of these beliefs and their significance for Christian life.
– Theology for the community of God. Stanley J. Grenz

The written Word cannot be separated from the incarnate Word. The Bible can be properly interpreted only from the perspective of a living faith in Christ who is its central theme, the climax and center of the entire Biblical revelation of God’s person and purposes.
– Know the Truth: A Handbook of Christian Belief. Bruce Milne

I have never seen myself as a theologian … until my first Theology class at evening college last night.

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3 Replies to “Every Christian is a theologian”

  1. This is complete bullcrap. Not every Christian is a theologian, as evidenced by the stunning frequency of the repeated conversation:

    Atheist: Why do you believe what you believe?

    Christian: ‘Cause Jesus said so.

    Atheist: Where?

    Christian: In the Bible.

    Atheist: Who wrote the Bible?

    Christian: Uhhhh…God.

    1. That’s because those types of Christians have only what has been told them. I would also say that every thinking Atheist is a theologian as well. There, take that, place it in your pipe, fine a match and light, but don’t smoke it because I don’t want you getting lung cancer

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