Ever have a Crisis of Faith? Maybe you should embrace it?

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I have them on a regular basis. You can bet your bottom dollar, if it is a day of the week, I’ve had some sort of issue. Well, maybe not that bad, but there have been times during these past few years that have stretched my faith to an almost snapping point. Ironically, it helps to talk to a friend of mine who is a militant atheist. Of course, sometimes, it just helps to talk. While blogging helps, I wish I had more theological interaction of the verbal variety in which to ponder things aloud. I mean, I’ve made a really significant change, theologically, and sometimes, the mind and the heart do not jive.

But the other of the short ‘ode’ linked below writes,

But a crisis of faith can also come from positive experiences. We learn new things, science makes new discoveries, we have epiphanies and understand life or love or our spirits in new ways that make the old nonsensical.

Red Letter Christians » Embrace Your Crisis of Faith.

I agree. While there are many bad days, there have been some beautiful moments along the way. And in truth, I am more theologically happy, and sound, than I’ve ever been. Most days.

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2 Replies to “Ever have a Crisis of Faith? Maybe you should embrace it?”

  1. Joel
    I have written a lot about this. Here are a couple of article links for your readers:
    Doubt and Faith: My Crisis in Faith and Why I am Still a Christian an Advent Meditation http://padresteve.wordpress.com/2009/12/14/doubt-and-faith-my-crisis-in-faith-and-why-i-am-still-a-christian-an-advent-meditation/

    Faith Journey’s: Why I am Still a Christian

    Faith and Life: A Meditation for those that Doubt

    A Sea of Contradictions: My Life and Faith since returning from Iraq

    Thank you Joel for starting this discussion. I think that the issue is deeper and more widespread than many in the church would ever admit.


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