Evangelical Anglican Catholics?

It seems to happening this way, sometimes, now don’t it?

What happens when former Evangelicals find their way home to the Catholic Church through the Anglican Church? They bring with them into the Catholic Church a whole range of gifts from their former traditions. They bring the zeal and dedication of the Evangelical. They bring wide and deep knowledge of the Scriptures. They also bring the Anglican love of fine preaching, excellent hymns, reverent worship and beautiful language and liturgy.

via Standing on My Head: Evangelical Anglican Catholics?.

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7 Replies to “Evangelical Anglican Catholics?”

    1. @Brunbelow,

      “What they leave behind is the 39 Articles and any love of right theology.”

      regarding the 39, not entirely and regarding “right theology”, well we have to talk more on that assertion RK 🙂

      1. Which of the 39 articles do they maintain? If they lose one they lose the 39 articles, so if you can show they maintain the fullness then I will agree with you.

        As to right theology, how can one go from being a Christian to a non christian and maintain right theology?

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