Essential reading? #seminary #theology

Since the discussion is ongoing at the moment, I wanted to include several authors that have in some large way affected the way I think.

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These aren’t all, but I do believe these are essential readings for those engaging in modern theological discussions.

What are yours?

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4 Replies to “Essential reading? #seminary #theology”

  1. Irenaeus
    N.T. Wright
    Stanley Hauerwas
    Brian McLaren
    Walter Wink
    John Howard Yoder
    Phyllis Tickle
    Dallas Willard

    Not the most scholarly bunch, but did largely affect the way I thought…

  2. From Seminary:
    Carl Braaten and Robert Jenson
    Adolf Schlatter
    Mary Ann Fatula
    Nicholas Cabasilas
    Romano Guardini
    Dietrich Bonhoeffer
    Martin Luther
    St. Athanasius

    Outside of Seminary:
    Alister McGrath
    Glen Stassen
    Darby Kathleen Ray
    Kathryn Tanner (When I get what she’s saying)

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