Essays on John & Hebrews by Harold Attridge – “In the mail”

Well, technically this wasn’t “in the mail” because Joel is visiting Louisiana and gave this to me in person.  But, I want to say thank to Mohr Siebeck for sending a copy of Essays on John and Hebrews by Harold Attridge.

I will be writing a couple of posts about the book once I have had the opportunity to read through it.  However, my first impression is a very good one, though perhaps it is a bit shallow ;-).  The book looks and feels absolutely beautiful.  It is a tightly bound hardcover.  The dustjacket and front and back covers are impeccably clean.  Thumbing through, the paper is of a very high quality.  It even smells wonderful.  Needless to say, it will look great on my bookshelf.

Now, with that bit of scholarly fawning done, I know that most of you will be more interested in the contents.  So, in coming days, I will be posting on the author, contents, and my reaction to the book.

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