Endorsement #3 – @Energion, From Fear to Faith

I am immensely proud to have received this from Dr. Lisa Hess, United Theological Seminary:

Every once in a while, you are gifted with a growing realization that the book you are reading has needed to be written for a very long time. From Fear to Faith is a book like that. In the vulnerable, sometimes excruciating details of a journey into post-fundamentalist faith, we the readers are invited to feel the depth, integrity, and passions given to some of us whose paths began in places we could never have imagined, if they hadn’t been willing to offer them for us, without judgment, blame, or condemnation. Whether beginning in inherited, sectarian beliefs or an avowed atheism of humane reaction, these authors demonstrate the depth of their own inner work so that all who are willing can hold the fears together, in peace. Authors and readers alike may see the way to move through fear into faith with clarity and compassion, toward a better world for us all. We have needed this book for a very long time.

You can order the book here. (and yes, I almost have an ISBN number!)

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5 Replies to “Endorsement #3 – @Energion, From Fear to Faith”

    1. I haven’t been able to find the ISBN (just a SKU number). Where did you see it?

      I’m thinking this publisher needs a good kick up the proverbial arse — this book should have an ISBN by now. Maybe it’s a ploy to force all sales directly from them. Which hardly seems fair to the authors.

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